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The portrait, mirror of the soul...
An UNFORGETABLE present...

I offer you the possibility of producing for you a unique kind of work, be it the portrait of a loved one, a couple, a child, a parent or a present to a fellow worker leaving for retirement... All your wishes shall be but a source of inspiration for me...

Portrait according to you budget!

      "Sketch" Portrait
      • Monochromatic, acrylic on canvas, bust.
      "Intermediate" Portrait
      • Colour, acrylic on canvas, without any definite background,bust.
      "Creation" Portrait
      • Colour, acrylic on canvas, with original backgroundl, personal creation inspired from face to paint.

I propose you to perform a photoshoot of the model to be painted, in my workshop or at your home. This should allow me to obtain a high quality picture as a basis for my work, which ensures the painting will display a high level of precision, You may also send me your own pictures as models for the painting. However, this option would require a prior approval on my part.

Communicate with me for any information about prizes or in order to make an appointment.
*The prize of a piece varies according to its size and complexity.
*Additional charges may be demanded for a photoshoot, or for longer distances to travel.
*Extra charges may also be demanded if two or more people are to be portrayed.

You may see some samples of my work by visiting the section "Portrait" in the Gallery.