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Artist's statement

Nature's spirit, life's beauty and creation in the awakening process.

To me, art is the expression of what resides within us. Peacefuless, serenity, spirituality, childhood's purity, nostaligia... The characters I depict arise out of a need to externally represent some internal vision. Their nature is communicated to me in a way that transcends any mental process.

The female characters I paint have green hair, just like nature in bloom. A subtle glow is around them... representing the divine touch within all of us... The butterfly swirling around the characters is a symbol of determination and achievement.

Often, the character in itself may become such a symbol as well.
It also figures as a messenger from a world beyond...

I produce portraits as « mirrors of the soul », which are made to order.
I also execute live works and offer drawing workshops.

Receiver of numerous « Coup de cœur » awards, and appointed honorary president of many different painting symposiums in Quebec, I moreover take part in international exhibitions.

I am strongly engaged in painting, a pathway often involving a deep sense of joy and freedom. I offer my art to those who wish to see the beauties of this world and others.